Pensioner Group news and contacts

Jenny Wilson: 07887 554783
Cheshire Building Society Work

William Partis: 01327 878818

Somerset, Devon and Dorset
Diana King
Nationwide Building Society
Staff Past & Present

Dave or Jean Coe: 01793 813396
June Phillips: 01793 520059

Covent Garden
Liam DeRoe: 07960 447624

Pensioner groups and any Facebook groups are not run by the Society or the Fund. We share their details to give members the opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues.

Please contact us if you’d like us to share or update contact details for a group, or send us news from your group meetings. Email:

Northampton Pensioner Group

The Northampton group welcomes new members and shared this picture from their recent committee meeting with (left to right) Lorna Chantrell, Phil Chantrell, Bill Partis, Peter Jones, Julie Sharp, Norman Harradine and David Sharp. Pam Pringle is also Treasurer for the group.

The Northampton Pensioner Group has existed for many years and is managed by a small volunteer committee of ex-employees. The Group meets regularly for monthly lunches and is currently exploring the option of organising a pre- or post-Christmas lunch in December or early 2024. The group continues to seek and welcome new members, and you can get in touch using the contact information above.

NAC Pensioners Monthly Lunch Venue 2023 - Third Monday of each month 12 o clock start
Poppyfields Duston NN5 6GT 17 Jul
Whitehills Kingsthorpe NN2 8EW 21 Aug
Toby Inns East Hunsbury NN4 0TG 18 Sep
Queen Eleanor Wootton NN4 7JJ 16 Oct
Poppyfields Duston NN5 6GT 20 Nov

The Swindon Pensioner Group

The Swindon Pensioner Group continues to maintain its active presence and meets up for coffee mornings on a regular basis at the Conservative Club located in Old Town Swindon, which has now become their regular venue. The group have started to get back going on trips and in May 2023 visited the Weald & Downland Living Museum, home to the BBC’s The Repair Shop where they spotted some of the stars going in and out of the barn. They told us in recent months, they’ve added three new members and it reminded us it's always good to have new people and you don’t have to be newly retired.

In May, the Group visited the Weald & Downland Living Museum, home to the BBC’s The Repair Shop.

Swindon Pensioners coffee morning and lunch dates 2023:
Wrag Barn Golf Club Swindon SN6 7QQ 13 Jul
Conservative Club Swindon SN1 4BA 14 Sep
Conservative Club Swindon SN1 4BA 12 Oct
Conservative Club Swindon SN1 4BA 9 Nov
Conservative Club Swindon SN1 4BA 14 Dec